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My latex... GREED


list updated with Atsuko Kudo  and HWdesign
and photos (click on links)

more hwdesign.
more atsuko kudo waiting to be picked up.

-waiting on-


and i made a list for my records.
this is most of it (now and then)
not including all the little bits though
(like gloves and stockings and flowers n shit like that)
i wonder what i am missing...

bra, black with silver spikes
top, lace up in silver
top, single shoulder, silver
garter belt, 6 point, red w/black accent

Atsuko Kudo
dress, trans pink and black w/rose lace (in Chicago)
shorts, trans pink and black w/rose lace
skirt, pencil with knee flare, black with trans pink rose lace accent
jacket, black with trans pink rose lace accent
purse, trans pink and black w/rose lace
collar, simple, trans pink and black w/rose lace
collar, rose, trans pink and black w/rose lace
gloves, knuckle length, black w/rose lace

dress, (joy) black with large trans back w/ lace print
hair clip, trans w/lace print

dress, brown w/black leopard print on gold latex
gloves, knuckle length, black w/leopard print on gold
collar, simple, black w/leopard print on gold
hat, asymetrical top hat. band-leopard

Cheongsam dress, metallic green w/ lace accent
knuckle gloves, metallic green w/ lace accent
earrings, metallic green w/ lace accent

rosebud hat, metallic green

Cheongsam dress, red w/ lace on trans black
knuckle gloves, red w/ lace on trans black

mini petite hat, black
flower for petite hat, red

trousers, black. w/braces. iridescent lilac filigree over olive green
skirt with box pleat, olive /lilac 
dress-shirt (sleeve-less) olive green with iridescent lilac color
dress, iridescent lilac with filigree (black/olive green)
trilby hat, iridescent lilac filigree over olive green
shirt collar, iridescent lilac
collar, iridescent lilac deluxe filigree
cuffs, iridescent lilac filigree
cuff links, olive green
tie, iridescent lilac filigree over olive green
gloves, black with filigree (iridescent lilac )
petite rose collar, lilac /black
eye patch (2) olive /lilac
hand band for tophat, lilac /olive
purse, black/lilac /olive

dress, strapless w/ pewter lace trim
dress-shirt (sleeve-less) pewter lace
tie, black w/ pewter lace accent
cuffs, black
cuff links, pewter w/lace
trilby hat, pewter w/lace & black band
neck choker, pewter lace/black

mini skirt
, black

pasties, black w/red

Craig Morrison
top, gridded spikes, lace up back with leather
shoes, zip up front platform boots (lost/stolen)
heart pillow, black (1 left, rest melted)
coin purse, black square
coin purse, red heart
backpack, red heart
backpack, black heart
backpack, squared spiked
pull sack, black
dj/book bag, black
backpack/rolling case, black

bra, simple red, underwire (old as shit)
bra, simple black, underwire (old as shit)
skirt, circle. black (old as shit)
dress, lace up back, zip up skirt, black

skirt, pencil, copper and olive w/black snaps
jacket, wasp-waisted, high stiff collar, w/ copper straps & asymetrical black snaps, copper & olive .

rusched skirt, black rip

House of Harlot
boy knee pants with braces, h/h check
hat, h/h check
tie, h/h check


catsuit, trans w/black paint splatter design
hood, trans w/black paint spatter design

catsuit, trans red w/ black x-lace on trans.
hood, trans red, monster w/black x-lace on trans.
socks, trans red

catsuit, trans w/HW floral lace accent
hood, trans w/HW floral lace accent (no eyes)
socks, trans w/HW floral lace accent
gloves, trans w/HW floral lace accent (short)
gloves, trans w/HW floral lace and black ruffles (short)
corset, trans w/HW floral lace and black.

dress, black with HW floral lace stripes
stockings, black with HW floral lace accents
gloves, long black with HW floral lace accent.

dress, ruby w/HW floral lace on trans/gold accent
gloves, ruby w/HW floral lace on trans/gold accent
neck collar, ruby w/HW floral lace on trans/gold accent

catsuit, trans blue w/bubbles
hood, trans blue w/bubbles (one eye)
hood, trans blue w/bubbles
socks, trans blue 

catsuit, trans green w/floral & snowflakes
hood, trans green w/floral & snowflakes
socks, trans green

dress, clinic green with trans and trans pink accent
stockings, clinic green with trans and trans pink accent
garter belt, clinic green with trans and trans pink accent
panties, clinic green with trans and trans pink accent 

bra, scarlet red w/ floral lace and black accent
skirt, high waisted, scarlet red & floral lace w/black accent
longline panty girdle, scarlet red & floral lace w/black accent
cape, short, scarlet red w/floral lace and black accent
stockings, floral lace w/ scarlet red & black accent
gloves, trans w/floral lace , black, red accent

longline panty girdle, 8 straps, black
longline panty girdle, 8 straps, trans w/ black accent

bizarre body, body suit w/open boobs / hood attached. white/trans
bizarre body, body suit w/open boobs / hood attached. turqouise/trans

pisspants, trans

apron, trans/white 
apron, trans/turquoise 

facemask, trans/white 
facemask, trans/turquoise 
facemask, trans/black 

, trans w/black accent

stockings, black w/trans dotted backseam

stockings, trans with black backseam and hand motif

stockings, white/trans
stockings, trans olive w/black zipper backseam
stockings, trans
stockings, black w/trans eyehole & HW ankle accent

hood, trans black w/black and metallic d. green accent
stockings, trans black w/black and metallic d. green accent

hood, black w/trans face.

hood, trans w/ white HW floral lace

guantlets, white w/white lacing
hood, white w/lace
tights, white w/lace
dress, white w/lace
gwendoline corset, white w/lace 

gwendoline corset
, black w/ orange w/copper lacing
bra, black w/copper trim
pantyhose, black & trans w/orange w/copper lacing

inflatable hood. orange under transparent.

stockings, black w/ white polka dot accent
garter belt, black w/ white polka dot accent
hood, black w/ white polka dot accent

w/trans face, scarlet accent
w/trans face, black accent
hood, w/trans face, white accent
hood, w/trans face, turqouise accent

hood, w/trans purple face, scarlet accent
neck corset, trans purple, scarlet accent
gloves, trans purple, scarlet accent
panythose, trans purple, scarlet accent

hood, black/olive trans face w/copper accent
stockings, black/olive trans w/copper accent

katzen hood. white
katzen hood. black.
katzen gloves, white
katzen socks, white.
katzen gloves, black.
katzen socks, black.

hood, leopard
neck corset, leopard
gloves, leopard

multi corset, black
JP paint splatter
Black lace on trans
purple w/scarlet trim
old gold w/black lacing

catsuit, pearl, red/trans pink
matching hood

Madame S
dress, short snap dress, black w/metallic blue accent (to Andrea in EastBay)
dress, long with black ruffles. metallic blue.
dress, long alternate stripped and belted, black/trans (version in foto is pink/black)
garter belt, metallic blue
top hat, blue w/black "k"

capri pants w/belt, black w/hot pink accent

dress, kimono sleeved, red/blue/yellow accent sold
dress, trans green w/black piping.(to Bart in Belgium)

ball gloves, black.

Moral Minority
dress, kinky kreme dress w/apron & head piece.

pants, long w/ braces, brown w/ copper accent
pants, long w/ braces, pewter w/ olive accent sold

Savage Wear
dress, dragon scale, purple w/silver accent

pants, checkered black/white/trans grey sold

Skin Two
bra, black
bra, red
bra, xcross, turq (to jenx)
top, zip up short sleeve, black
top, short sleeve, black with burg. accent
top, harem, met. green.
body suit, lace up with crotch zipper, black
shorts, red with black v waist accent
skirt, girdle, turq (to jenx)
skirt, long burg with slit
skirt, harem, snap waist cincher, met. green
catsuit, red (melted now)
catsuit, white (goo)
catsuit, black (ripped to shreds)
neck collar, red w/black accent

top, halter, black w/ red square accent
tank top, clover design, black w/green & white stripes
doublet, blue w/scallop design, black & white accent sold
top, long sleeved, mansruin
top, sailor (hole! destroyed in TG show
shorts, sailor, red
skirt, long star zip (simple black skirt to shins - silver zipper with star accented pull)
skirt, long, blue w/ white & black stripes sold
skirt, knee, black
skirt, knee, green
skirt, knee, burg w/black polka dots
pants, mansruin, dice pockets
pants, moto, black/green striped (retired)
dress, strapless, black w/white polka dots
dress, chinese, white w/black accent
dress, chinese, red (retired)
dress, dragon, trans w/ colored applique work - Marquis cover
dress, vamp, purple/black (to midori)
dress, long flame
dress, pool table dress (retired)

neck collar, red/black
neck collar, purple/black (to midori)
gauntlets, blue with stars
gauntlets, red/black

hood, black inflatable bowling ball

skirt, circle, black
skirt, circle, red
leggings, pewter
top, zip up, black

tamer outfit
corset top, red and white ruffles
panties, red and white ruffles
garter belt, red and white
stockings, white w/ red
bustle, white w/ red

Panier outfit in black, trans pink, and gold
double panier skirt
doublet top

Torture Garden
bra, black w/white accent
bra, pink w/black accent
top, single arm, black w/white accent (to Andrea in EastBay)
skirt, black w/white accent
girdle skirt. black w/white accent
girdle skirt. pink w/black accent

bra, trans purple/pink
bikini set, purple, green dotted
bikini set, green, green dotted

top, tux shirt, black
top, simple halter, black
top, tank "suka off"
top, simple halter tie, blue
top, zip T, "kumi" pooh shirt, red
top, trans pink, blue accent sold
top, black with white accent
top, trans violet w/fuschia sold
top, burg, violet accent
top, argyle, olive/copper/black
top, military snap, pewter w/olive trim/snaps
top, tank top, ivory
top, tank top, trans yellow w/blue accent (to Ulorin_vex)
top, long sleeves, frank lloyd wright pattern, green/trans/beige
top, metallic green, glass pattern w/ hoodie
top, black sleeveless argyle, black, pewter, silver
top, rusched front, purple
top, tank, silver ribbed *

jacket, short waist, hair trimmed, pewter/black fishnet
jacket, suit top, black/white accent
jacket, suit top, mint/pink accent (to CharlotteTG)
jacket, bolero style, brown/black trim
jacket, double zip up, yellow w/bue accent (to Ulorin_vex)
jacket, double zip up, orange w/yellow & red accent  (to Ulorin_vex)
jecket, hoodie style, olive w/ tan accent "kumi"
jacket, dress style, pewter

catsuit, black NFS
catsuit, white NFS
catsuit, trans yellow (pooh)

shorts, high waist black
shorts, high waist white
halter pantsuit, olive/burg sold
pants, wide leg, black.
pants, wide leg, frank lloyd wright pattern, green/trans/beige
hip pants, black w/silver stars sold
hip pants, blue w/white lacing sold
bondage pants, copper w/belts sold
bondage pants, silver w/belts
sporty pants w/double zip, blue w/yellow accent (to Ulorin_vex)
sporty pants w/double zip, orange w/red & yellow accent  (to Ulorin_vex)
pants, olive with side lacing/pockets
shorts, metallic green, glass pattern *new*

cincher, black franklloydwright pattern, green/trans/beige

floor length, single arm, flowered, burg/purp (photo 2)
halter, blue trans w/light blue
halter w/side lacing, olive
halter, purple w/silver accent
halter, green w/lime green accent
dress, halter, pink/trans pink straps
dress, halter, black w/brown accent
dress, strappy, "jergens" pewter/silver (to CharlotteTG)
dress, strapless, metalic pink, lime, yellow accent
dress, valentino style red w/crystal accents
dress, ocean top  sold
dress, leaf themed thing
dress, knee length single arm, tan with stained glass pattern brown/red/trans
dress, knee length, stained glass pattern, trans/brown/gold
dress, bias cut, open chest, stained glass pattern, red/white/trans
dress, red/trans/black HouseOfWorth swirl painted
dress, knee length frank lloyd wright glass pattern blue, trans, black
dress, red / trans pink striped floor length in back
dress, floor length with train, transparent w/purple/silver stained glass pattern
dress, metallic old gold stained glass w/white/green, plunging neck
dress, metaliic violet and fuschia stained green ruffled dress
skirt, long hair skirt, burg sold
skirt, long trans/red stripe
skirt, knee, trans pink sold
skirt, black with white accent and kick pleats
skirt, knee, pewter
skirt, short, yellow/blue accent  (to Ulorin_vex)
skirt, short, mint/pink accent (to CharlotteTG)
skirt, short hair w/fishnet, pewter/black
skirt, girdle, trans purple/pink   sold
skirt, calf length, black
shorts, pink
shorts, mint green

ballerina outfit  
jacket, black w/purple
hoop skirt, black w/purple
over skirt, black w/orange
bloomers, black w/purple/orange

socks, argyle, olive/copper/black
stockings, black w/brown polka dots

hat, black
hat, olive/burg
hat, black w/peacock feathers
cap, boys, black
swim cap, purple/green flowered
swim cap, yellow/blue crash (to Ulorin_vex)
swim cap, green w/green dotted
head piece, olive w/feathers
head piece, brown/black with feathers & double veil
head piece, mint

hair band, red rose,
roses: pink, black, green
purse, burg w/hair accent
bow tie, burg
honey pot

various bits
gloves: long
green, black, blue, purple, red, trans, shiny blue
gloves: short
black, red, metalic blue
black, pink

updated 19 may, 2011

other pieces

stormy leather (old stormy)
1.white/black - patent leather with buckles - (same as above)

corset, black leather with red patent front sold


May. 26th, 2005 10:36 pm (UTC)
i KNOW you must have a list somewhere!!
May. 27th, 2005 02:52 am (UTC)
the last time i did a list was like 3 yrs ago.. i SHOULD prolly do another one, lol...

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